Upgrading To php 7

SproutWorx is speeding things up! We just upgraded the platform to the much faster php 7.1 from php 5.6. The new version helps to simplify website development, but most importantly it is about twice as fast!

SproutWorx is built on top of WordPress which is powered by php. The upgrade for php helps the whole foundation of SproutWorx. Keep in mind that this improvement only cuts the php portion of the load time in half. There are many other factors that contribute to keeping WordPress fast. Luckily, SproutWorx handles all of those other factors for you!

You can see the latest speed test for the SproutWorx homepage after the upgrade:

site speed

The entire page (scripts and all) loaded in just 1.3 seconds!


About Tyler

Tyler is a website designer for CYBERsprout and SproutWorx. In his spare time he enjoying paddleboarding, cycling, and reading Game of Thrones (aka waiting for Winds of Winter).

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